WEED | 2023
'Weed; a plant growing where it is not wanted.' (1-5) - this series consists of five photographs captured in the South Macclesfield development area, specifically in the endangered environment of Danes Moss. This historic peat bog, a rare wildlife habitat, is under threat due to future housing developments. The photographs highlight the debris left behind by construction workers, a stark representation of human impact on nature. This waste, appearing unexpectedly and unwanted 'growing' in these natural spaces, draws a compelling parallel to how humans often perceive wild plants as 'weeds' in our gardens or farms. Through this lens, 'Weed; a plant growing where it is not wanted' prompts viewers to question our perspective on growth, intrusion, and the value we assign to different elements of our shared environment.
'Forest of the Future (Destroyed)' is a powerful video in which Lorna Ellen demolishes the original 'Forest of the Future' installation. The act symbolizes humanity's destructive power and the devastation of Earth's habitats due to greed and consumption. By destroying the artwork, Lorna aims to evoke strong emotions and emphasize the potential consequences of environmental protection efforts being undermined by large corporations and political ignorance.
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