Lorna Ellen’s 'Mycelium Magic' at The Doll’s House Art Gallery transforms the familiar into the fantastical. Journey into an immersive environment where the hidden wildlife of the forest floor takes centre stage. The gallery space is reimagined as an old abandoned house, overtaken by nature's wonders. Crafted entirely from second hand, excess, or recycled materials, this exhibition presents soft textiles like fabric and yarn, meticulously embroidered to mimic fungi. These delicate representations, juxtaposed against the man made plastic furniture, invite viewers to reflect on nature's relationship with the synthetic. Adding a touch of magic, glowing EL wire interconnects each fungal creation, a nod to their intricate root-like networks. 'Mycelium Magic' is not just an art exhibition but an exploration of balance, resilience, and the beautiful complexity of our natural world.
MINI MACC | 2023
Mini Macc is an innovative installation led by IDST! Arts, brought to life through the collaboration of local residents and fellow artists, for display inside Macclesfield Town Council's #01625Gallery - two listed K6 phone boxes. Over the course of seven weekly sessions, 17 participants used a variety of upcycled items and materials to create miniature replicas of local landmarks. The conception, planning, and execution of the installation were masterfully led by Lorna Ellen and Lucie Fitzpatrick, resulting in a dynamic and engaging display that symbolizes both the community and heritage of this northern town.
This enchanting artwork by Lorna Ellen is meticulously crafted from waste packaging materials and felt, titled 'Danes Moss'. Inspired by the vibrant fungi flourishing in the South Macclesfield Development Area, the piece brings attention to the vital Save Danes Moss campaign. By transforming discarded materials into a captivating representation of the region's unique fungal ecosystem, Lorna underscores the importance of preserving and protecting this delicate habitat.
'Forest of the Future' is an evocative installation by Lorna Ellen, crafted from waste plastic bottles and wire coat hangers. Displayed at Crewe's Lumen Lite festival in 2021, the artwork prompts viewers to reflect on the significance of planting trees in combating climate change and deforestation. The installation seeks to establish a deeper connection between people and nature, with a focus on engaging the next generation, while reminding us of our responsibility to protect the planet for future generations.
Crafted from newspaper, ink, wax, and fabric, a thought-provoking artwork titled 'Paper Forests' by Lorna Ellen takes shape in the form of a tree trunk. Embedded within the piece are key facts about deforestation and images of wildlife species that are severely affected. The creative use of everyday materials connects the artwork to the very resources being depleted, emphasizing the devastating consequences of deforestation.
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